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October 1, 2010

Fundraiser and what's coming up...

Our fundraiser was pretty weak. In fact, our class has the lowest amount raised out of all of the AVID classes, and we are one of the largest groups! We will get them next time. I know you guys don't like to do the fundraisers, but we have to raise money if we want to go on our field trips. Try a littler harder next round, let's give ourselves a good name.

We will continue to work on our goal unit the next two weeks. Monday we will write rough drafts by hand, and then peer edit on Wednesday. Next week we will head back to the computer lab to type up our final drafts.

Don't forget that the PSAT's are less than two weeks away. They are scheduled for October 13, 2010. It is a Wednesday. This is the perfect opportunity to see what the SAT will be like. Nothing is as valuable as experience, so please make sure you get to school on time that day and do your best.

As always, if you need anything, please stop by and talk to me. You may also send me an email.

I miss you 5th period! But make me proud!

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